The exhibition

Why an exhibition on the genome?

The study of our own genome and that of other species, in part due to the evolution of ever more sophisticated technology, suggests that in the future ways may well be found for improving our quality of life. This would lead, among other things, to increased life expectancy and prevention and treatment of many illnesses.

These breakthroughs raise new questions, involving choices and decisions for us as individuals and as a society. Promises, hopes and expectations bring with them uncertainties about actual effectiveness and potential risks, giving rise to doubts of an ethical, legal and economic nature.

DNA tests are a case in point. Today they are widely available and promise to help us discover our origins and provide us with information on possible predispositions to illnesses.

Besides, the spread of sometimes unreliable information through the media, especially in the medical area, often hampers useful public debate…

Further exploration

The exhibition deals – although never in a drily didactic or pointlessly complex manner – with questions on the state of knowledge in the area of genomics. These include: the complete sequencing of the human genome and current awareness of its elements and functional characteristics; genetic mutations and other changes determining the differences between individuals; predispositions to talents and illnesses; and innovative strategies and technical procedures used in human healthcare. The aim is to deal with the area in a way that avoids determinism – “our genes are not our masters”, but rather potentialities in continuous interaction with the environment in which we live.

Art meets science

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